Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thankgiving

Here's a couple of model sheets that are fitting for Thanksgiving. The first is from Tex Avery's "Jerky Turkey" and the other is from Tex's Screwy Squirrel cartoon "Big Heel-Watha". You'll probably notice that some of the drawings on the "Heel-Watha" model sheet were used in Preston Blair's book. Enjoy the holiday!


Brett W. Thompson said...

Ah, wonderful!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Kevin :)

I love these model sheets...

By the way, I got ahold of "Dessins of Tex Avery" when I saw you mention it on here :) Very beautiful book, but not very many model sheets- where did you get these, for instance?

Anyway, I always enjoy your posts, as you know :)

Kevin Langley said...

I hoped you enjoyed the day Brett.

I love the Les Dessin's book, but yeah there's not too many model sheets and I wonder why the Screw Squirrel and Out-Foxed model sheet are printed as negative? But it really is a great book. Most of these Tex Avery model sheets are in Tex Avery:MGM Years. It's also out of print but is an equally beautiful book. It's one of my most treasured possessions. I think "Tex Avery King of Cartoons" has a couple that aren't in either of the other books.

I wish there was a book that featured the art from MGM's cartoon studio. Starting with Harman-Ising's shorts through Tom and Jerry, Tex, Michael Lah's later shorts and especially George Gordon's few shorts. Dick Lundy's too. I can't find anything from those to guys cartoons, except a Barney Bear model sheet and a couple of animation drawings from "Stork's Holiday".

Thad K said...

Howard Lowerly is always listing layouts and drawings from the MGM cartoons (and Warners and Disney) on eBay. I've never won anything from him because some OCD case with a ton of cash always wins. You should check his auctions out.


Kevin Langley said...

Yeah I always save the pics from his auctions because I've never won anything. He's auctioned some really great stuff too.

Thad K said...

Just beware of some of the things he lists as layouts, like this one.

The red line drawing is a bad tracing of the real layout drawing. In essence Soggy paid a tons of cash for a pencil smudged background and a poorly traced drawing.


Robert Hume said...

Wow these are great! Haven't been by this blog in a while, nice to see your still managing to find and post all these cool cartoon gems for us to view and take in. I need to link to this site, it's just too great!